Why do I need a business coach?

Why did Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, say that hiring a business coach was the smartest advice he ever took? Tiger Woods, the best golfer og this generation, has a golf coach; because even he can’t watch himself swing. Having an impartial observer with business experience hold you accountable, keep you motivated and point you in the right direction is something that is both important and invaluable. The most influential people in all facets of life have had a mentor or coach at one point or another in their career. Business people are no exception.

Why should I hire you?

My “hard sell” is that I was once in your shoes and I transitioned from a life that I did not want for myself into the the life I have now. The better answer is to call me and find out for yourself. You have to enjoy the company of the people you work with; so why not take the time to find out that I really can help you. I guarantee it!

How often would we meet?

That is completely up to you. As your business coach, I am here when you need me. However, I have found that semi-monthly meetings work best. This is the right amount of time for tasks to be worked out while maintaining consistency and accountability.

Are there an commitments or contracts?

No. We do not require you to sign any contracts; however, we ask that you commit to your success. We have found that a 3 month relationship is a good timeline to allow our work to take effect. You can continue going forward or stop at any time.

What are the expected results?

Although my track record of success is very high, your degree of success will be based on your own level of commitment. I encourage my clients to leverage me and my network of experts to the fullest. When you do, you will notice that you have more money, more time and more happiness.